FEMEN asks Taksim for Help!Закрыть

FEMEN asks Taksim for Help!

FEMEN appealed to the Turkish revolutionaries with a request to protect their Tunisian prisoners Amina (18, Tunisia), Josephine (19, Germany), Marguerite (23, France) and Pauline (27, France), who face the sentence from 1 to 6 years in prison. The movement FEMEN urges all those who are fighting against Erdogan's Islamization of Turkey, on the day of the trial of FEMEN come to the embassy and consulate of Tunisia on June 12 at 12.00, demanding the immediate release out of jail for the girls. Let's say together to stranglers of democracy and freedom: "FREE AMINA!", "FREE FEMEN!", "FREE TURKEY!", "STOP ISLAMISATION!"
Here is the addresses of the diplomatic missions:
12:00 12th of June
Ankara Kuleli Sok.No:12

12:00 12th of June
Cumhuriyet cd.169/1, Elmadag

Please come and demand Freedom for FEMEN and for all Arab world!

+ info: http://femen.org/en/video