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Catalonian Independence: LOTS of Opinion/Analysis Articles & Videos 

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*My favorite media sources: The Locale, France 24 Youtube channel, The Guardian, and El Pais
Catalonia: what’s next? (AWESOME+Must see!)
Catalonia: all parties should come together
Have Spain and Catalonia Reached a Point of No Return?…/have-spain-and-catalonia-reach…/
For E.U., Catalonia Pits Democratic Rights Against Sovereignty…/catalonia-independence-referendum…
Catalan Referendum: "It's about time that Europe developed principles for self-determination
simon harris on catalan history and referendum
38 percent of people approved referendum says commentator
The crisis in Catalonia is being fed by pernicious myths on both sides…/catalonia-crisis-spain-refere…
Opinion divided by the Catalan referendum—many editorials presented…/opinion-divided-by-the-catala…
Catalan leader calls for mediation with Spain over independence and other governments’ response…/catalan-government-emergency-…
Catalonia votes to split from Spain amid violent crackdowns at polls…/catalonia-spain-independenc…/index.html
Defying madrid: catalonia’s independence referendum
catalan referendum background from Caspian Report
Spain news
tim pool =youtube
-news channels below
Best Catalan Independence Referendum News Sources I found:
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france 24 english youtube channel
Russia Today youtube channel
simon harris’ Youtube channel—he is author of “Catalonia is not spain”